Auckland Lifelines Group

Our mission is:

Enhancing the connectivity of lifeline utility organisations across agency and sector boundaries in order to improve infrastructure resilience

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What's New

ALG Seminar 2016

The Auckland Lifelines Group Seminar was held on 15th April 2016.  Presentations are available in Events.   

Volcanic Ash Impact Posters

We continue to update our suite of posters providing guidance to utility managers responding to volcanic ash events.  Go to the document library to download these posters.

Auckland Engineering Lifelines Project

Sections relating to Auckland's critical infrastructure and impacts from volcanic, earthquake, tsunami and severe weather events are now complete and available in the document library.

Current Projects

ALG has a number of projects recently completed or underway, including:

Tsunami Impacts on Lifelines Infrastructure

A project to assist lifelines infrastructure organisation's to assess the likely impact of various tsunami wave type impacts on their infrastructure.  Draws on learnings from significant tsunami events over the last decade.  

Infrastructure Hotspots

This project is to update a report from 2007 that identified areas in Auckland where critical infrastructure converges, creating areas of particular high risk.

More information on these projects can be found in the Member's Area, Current Projects page or contact the ALG Project Manager.


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