Other Documents

Other AELG work has included:

4 Oct 2017National Lifelines Infrastructure Vulnerability AssessmentA summary of New Zealand’s national lifelines infrastructure and vulnerability to hazards.
12 May 2016Tsunami Impacts on Lifelines Infrastructure (1)Tsunami Impacts on Lifelines Infrastructure - ALG / WeLG / EQC funded project undertaken by GNS. May 2016
1 Oct 2005Review of Resources available for Response and Recovery (AELG-6)which aims to help utilities understand their dependency on key resources for response and recovery and the likely resources available to them in an emergency. The report also identified existing processes for prioritising and allocating resources and summarises the findings of an initial survey to identify the extent of resource issues in the region.
12 Jun 2008Review of Regional Generator Resources (AELG-17)This was a joint project with the Auckland CDEM Group. The objective of this study was to assist Auckland utilities and emergency management agencies in making decisions on generator ownership and contract agreements by providing information on generator resource availability in emergency response situations and lifeline utility / CDEM needs.
1 Jan 2008Business Continuity Management Plans (AELG-10)Guidance on developing Business Continuity Management Plans.
1 Jan 2004Framework to Implement Lifeline Strategies (AELG-12)This project, completed in January 2003, was set up to develop a framework to ensure that for all Lifelines Projects are appropriately conveyed to and acted upon by individual utility organisations. The Auckland Engineering Lifelines Group (AELG) wish to ensure that the work that it has and continues to develop can be readily used by lifelines organisations to improve their risk management and emergency response processes.